do-it-yourself video project


32 seconds – is a do-it-yourself and independent video & foto project which started in 2009, Timisoara, Romania, with the idea to create short, long or static materials to promote autonomous projects or non-profit organisatons involved in the do-it-yourself movement.

We think diy is not the same, for example, as a slop work. Since it stand for volunteering and perhaps a more personal approach of  things, ideas, work or a way of doing things.

32 seconds does not support the idea of copyright. We give permission to every person who receives or downloads a copy of a work to reproduce, adapt or distribute it, on the request that any resulting copies or adaptations are also bound by the same licesing agreement.

For more information search the web for: Copyleft or Creative Common’s License.

Work so far: short video promos, video clips, experimental movies, video installations, video projections, posters for different events.

*You may find few materials on this blog which do not corespond with some of the description above. Thoose are for future reference.


  • video filming, editing, directing
  • advanced video projections: 3d mapping, visuals, video installatins and so on
  • half way artistic photos to be onest, but good enough for a jurnalist view
  • graphics – posters, record covers, etc.
Equipement so far:
  • FULLD HD 50p handycam
  • HDV FX1 + Sennheiser shotgun microphone + Peavey ambiance mic set (stand & everything)
  • ZOOM H1 recorder + Sennheiser Headphones
  • D80 + 18-55mm + f1.8 50mm + speedlight SB600
  • Studio continuos lights: 3x1000w + softboxs + blende
  • Pc worksation + laptop (this one not so sure for the moment)
  • MP622 video projector with 2000:1 contrast & 2700 ANSI lumeni
  • acces to various such as: short-focus projectors, triplehead external video cards and so on.
Plans for new equipement:
  • FULL HD DSLR + Lenses & filters
  • Portable mixer for DSLR
  • Chroma key